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Friday 20/09/19

Sunday 22/09/19

  • elrow Barcelona ‘La Mercè’

    Line-up / Luciano Blond:ish Demuir Enzo Siragusa De La Swing Bastian Bux Eddy M George Privatti Toni Varga Tini Gessler Viviana Casanova Mario Biani Alex Pott Ion Pananides Baum Julius…

    22/09/19 11:00 Barcelona

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Friday 27/09/19

Saturday 12/10/19

Saturday 19/10/19

  • Sight Pres. Apollonia & Caal

    Line-up / Apollonia, CAAL Prepare your senses, your mind and your body for tonight! The best Sundays night in town take place in our club Pacha Barcelona. Let yourself be…

    19/10/19 23:59 Barcelona

Sunday 20/10/19