Checkpoint Meets Loud-Contact with Onur Özer, Sonodab, Sbri at Theatre ( Principal The Club )

City: Barcelona
Promoter: Fact
Price: 10 €
Address: Les Rambles, 27, 08002 Barcelona, Barcelona, España

Line-up /
Onur Özer
Exploring the relationship between avant-garde Art and Techno.

Checkpoint is working to create an artistical community inside its Friday weekly venue, the Historic XV Theatre Princial, located in the city centre of Barcelona, Spain that will allow each artist to expose and develop their creations during the night .
So far we are presenting collaborations with :

■ Vintage light installation & cloud theme by the artist Daniel Marazuela Prada
■ Sculpture by Samira "Night by Night” Allaouat, a transdisciplinary artist, exhibited lately at the Tate Modern of London .
■ 3D Mapping from the Italian visual Morgan "2r1” Sibilio and active artist inside the electronic music scene.
■ HD Holographic projection by 4lumen directed by Tony Fernandez owner of Bonobo Concept.
■ 20 paints exposition by the artist and clothes design Raffa Normal