Delusions (Ballistic / BCN) + Rubén Seoane + Omar León at Moog Club

City: Barcelona
Promoter: Moog
Place: Moog Club
Price: 8 € advanced / 10 € door
Address: Arc del Teatre, 3; 08001 Barcelona;

We’re back again, one of those sick, dark, oppressive nights we know our fans like so much. Nights when dancing is almost a survival strategy against the malevolent waves being spat out of the speakers. This time the decks are manipulated by Delusion, the Catalan duo who have become the kings of Birmingham, the industrial Berlin techno club, who have already shared references with creatures such as Ancient Methods and Agony Forces. Highly subversive music to enjoy as you suffer.

Delusions (Ballistic / BCN)
Rubén Seoane (MOOG Club)
Omar León (MOOG Club)