Fake Out! 10th Anniversary Beach Festival at Mac Arena Mar Beach Club

City: Barcelona
Promoter: -
Place: Mac Arena Mar Beach Club
Price: 0
Address: Playa Port Fórum; 08290 Sant Adrià de Besos;

Line-up /

Robbie Akbal (Akbal Music/No.19)
Miguel Puente (Diynamic/Akbal Music)
Diego Ro-k (Ilegal Alien)
TurKo (Fake Out! BCN)
O du Cologne (Fake Out! BCN)
DIMOD (Fake Out! BCN)
Affani (Nervous Records)
Leomode (Live Keyboards)
Matteo Floris (Svogue Music)
ATOMS (Live Set)
Pablo Pellegrini (Selected Music)
MR. WHEEL (Fake Out! BCN)

FAKE OUT! BARCELONA, celebrates on Sunday, september 07th, the 10Th anniversary of its launch
This group of DJs and musicians based in Barcelona, still adding locally trajectory both the organization of events such as scheduling dates at consecrated clubs of the Catalan capital.
This time MAC ARENA BEACH CLUB, privileged club situated on the Mediterranean Sea, will host this special event, in which aside from resident Djs and musicians performing, will feature the presence of ROBIE AKBAL, label manager of AKBAL MUSIC, having also released on labels such as GET PHYSICAL, from Mexico will have the presence of MIGUEL PUENTE, rising star published references on labels as DIYNAMIC or HOT WAVES.
From Argentina will have a legend in electronic music movement in South America, DIEGO RO-K.
Quote not to miss, musical quality in an ideal location for a fresh one summer night