Hex Private Room at Under Club

City: Barcelona
Promoter: -
Place: Under CLub
Price: free until 1am, 12e until 2:30am
Address: Carrer de Tarragona, 141, 08014 Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

Line-up /
DJ Herr, Rick Maia, Pøli
Underground project to provide techno lovers with an exclusive atmosphere in a club! Private room with access allowed only with HEX list.

To get in, contact your trusted promoter or drop us
a private message – on.fb.me/1EZMLAW

ONLY people in our list will receive a special bracelet, at the door, which allows you to enter in both UNDER Club rooms (main and red room)

Out of the door you will NOT do the normal queue, HEX list has a different access on the RIGHT hand side looking to the entrance.

See you in the dark!