Kindcrime Pres. Ansome Live

City: Barcelona
Promoter: Kindcrime
Price: 10,00 € + 1,25 €1st release
Address: Rambla de Catalunya, 2-4, 08007 Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

Ansome (live)
Alessandro Nero (live)
■ Ansome live
London producer characteristic for his hardcore attitude, no-mercy, analogue-aided take on Techno: The pagan raver Kieran, in art Ansome, is one of the most relevant Industrial producers and live acts of the moment, thanks to his dramatic structuring, finest killer textures making and an unmatched live set-up, while his releases on Mord Records, the Industrial mecca PercTrax and on his own -only vinylic- imprint South London Analogue Material, are a great taste of his dancefloor mass destruction malicious capability.

Coming directly from Lyon, France, this tremendous Industrial Techno producer and dj is the co-founder of the THS team and booking, counting with releases on some of the most respectable uprising labels of the panorama like Industrial Techno United and Ōtomo, is defining himself as one hell of a player.

■ Alessandro Nero live
Owner of the Kindcrime imprint, tireless producer (formerly known as Necroboy), Dj and modular live-act, he has played all around Europe like in the 25th years of Tresor.Berlin in Poland and Uebel und Gefährlich in Germany, besides releasing top quality stuff, collaborating with the finest projects around.

■ Revolt
Part of the Kindcrime core team since its Techno inception (formerly known as Element HK) and member of the Helluminati klan, this producer and dj, is without any doubt a very strong and skillful act, capable of anything with a mixer in his hands, he will impress the dancefloor with his technique and elaborated selection.