Piknic Electronik Barcelona #16 – Crew Love at Jardins de Joan Brossa

City: Barcelona
Promoter: -
Place: Jardins de Joan Brossa
Price: 13€
Address: Carretera de Montjuïc, 37

Line-up /

Soul Clap
No Regular Play
Tanner Ross
Navid Izadi

Crew Love is going to be a party.
Crew Love is going to be mental. And you don’t want to miss out.

Summer might be coming to an end and there is only one way to celebrate an amazing season at Piknic Electronik: spreading some love and living an epic party with Soul Clap, No Regular Play, Tanner Ross and Navid Izadi. Or to put it in another way, Crew Love is going to rock the last Sunday at Piknic Electronik.

They march to their own beat, no matter what. Their live session is more than a mere act, is a celebration of music, spontaneity and pure love, honouring their name. Raw energy mixed with delicate tunes. As a festival goer, you haven’t probably seen anything like it. The fact that they don’t have a schedule to follow, leaving who’s going to be playing first and what, gives you a sense of what to expect: the unpredictable. Leave your reluctance behind and embrace the message of Crew Love. Because the end of something good is always the perfect way to start something even better. And while winter might be coming, the music will linger forever.

Última jornada del año de la tercera temporada de Piknic Electronik Barcelona.