Reckon with Roustam, Cmyk&rubi, Signal at Bloc

City: Barcelona
Promoter: -
Place: Bloc.
Price: 10€
Address: Ronda de Sant Pere, 19, 08010 Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

Line-up /
After a great February we’re starting March with some very interesting artists:

Roustam is a talented and forward thinking dj and producer that grew up in Chicago and currently lives in Moscow, where he is the resident and programmer of the Gipsy club. He was also formerly a member of Special Case, along with Arram Mantana and Tripmastaz, with whom he has released records on Culprit and Souvenir, to name a few.

CMYK&Rubi, two of the CMYKollektiv team, who run one of the best youtube channels with exclusive vynil rips.

Signal’ who are the head of what.if label, who are doing an amazing and very interesting job.