Religion 002

City: Barcelona
Promoter: Religion
Place: HBN BCN
Price: entrada libre
Address: Passeig Joan de Borbó,74 (esquina c/Escar)

We’re NOT creating a new sect or some crazy legion. We’re just letting it be itself, the music in our hearts and our souls. This is Religion.
We change location, this time the temple will be really close to the sea, and, THIS TIME, no one will stop us and we will dance till reeeeeeeeeeally late…So GET READY for the Religion 002 and PRAY!



“They want to put me in a Box: its impossible“
This is the state of mind, Pepe is sharing since ten years in the electronic music scene.
It all began with the first HouseTrip Parties in Cologne; a long and intense Residency for HouseTrip was the logical next step to make the sound in Cologne more housy and groovy.
The remix for Kanio’s (Ed Kane, Dexter Kane) “Put that in your pipe and smoke it” was the first bigger record that went through many Techno Sets for a long time.
Residencies for the known Heineken Music Hall in Maastricht and RIOT in Barcelona were the response to his releases on Toni Rios’ Imprint Soap Records, MuzikXPress, Soulman Music & Stereo 7 Plus Records.
In 2013 the Couture Label Antiheld ( was born and is now the Platform, but even more Playground for Fashion & Music. Furthermore the Antiheld Radioshow goes live in April 2014 with Guests like Ben Anders, in.deed, Orlando Voorn & Ricardo Motta; to name a few.
If you are looking for a box, to make sure you can categorize something, stop looking for it – foot on the pedal, 4 to the floor.


Pablo Wilow presents his new electronic music project under the name of VLV.
VLV arises from the need to explore the feelings that both the house and techno we generate in our body and mind.
He tries to offer liberation to the mind and physical stimulation to the body as a sound wave, a physical phenomenon with reactions and consequences.
serious atmospheres and complex structures, low tablets, distortion, vocoders, altered sounds they wrap us in a coherent story within parameters of a central style, electronic dance music. VLV invites us on an unpredictable tour. Selection of European, American and global tastes avoiding any contact with the electronic music of commercial propaganda.


Eclectic! This is the word that best describes this Italian DJ, settled in Barcelona since 6 years already. Passion for music worked as an input for Emilia Celona, a.k.a. MìKO, who has always wished to let people move at the sound of her music. This child, who used to dream awake in her room with headphones and walkman, has grown-up now and her dream has slowly become true. Although it is not a very long time since she started performing in front of the public, MìKO knows how to keep attention from the audience and how to make people dance with a very peculiar sound. For her nothing is funnier than choosing next song and observe how the public will react.
After performing throughout several Italian towns, like Messina at MeClub, Cuneo at ZooBar, and in Barcelona and after many contributions to radio programs at MHT Records, this 2014 seems a very positive year for this artist who recently begun working at her own music. She is able to harmonize Progressive, one of favorite music genres, with Chill-out, Nudisco, Deep, Tech-House and Techno.
MìKO thinks about her performances like a collective catharsis – a group therapy – as she strongly believe in the power of music and wants to pay the opportunity back to those who made her dream come true: the public.