Rubén Seoane at Moog Club

City: Barcelona
Promoter: Moog
Place: Moog Club
Price: 5 € door & advanced
Address: Arc del Teatre, 3; 08001 Barcelona;

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Rubén Seoane (MOOG Club)

The promise has now been fulfilled. A couple of years ago we welcomed Rubén Seoane as an apprentice and we now have a new master in our ranks. Our most recent resident has become a key player and he’s been allowed out on his own for some time now. And, although his speciality is the most mental side of techno with nineties roots, his tastes are wildly eclectic and deeply encyclopedic, as they need to be to survive in our booth, where you’re just as likely to have to act as warm-up for a guest of who knows what style as you are to run a whole night yourself. Rubén Seaone can do all this and more.