The Shuttle

City: Barcelona
Promoter: The Shuttle
Place: Slow
Price: 10€
Price Conditions Entrance via list on Free until 2:30
Address: Carrer de París, 186, 08036 Barcelona, Barcelona, España

Paul Jones

Mancunian born DJ based in Barcelona, Paul Jones has a whole life time of electronic musical culture and influences. Born in the mid 70’s the Madchester scene caught him smack in the middle of his teens. Acid House in full frenzy, and historical bands like 808 state, Chemical Brothers and of course, New Order, still present today in many of Paul’s sets. “I feel so lucky to have lived the electronic music scene from the very beginning” states Paul.

“You realize that possibilities are infinite, and new music surprises me every day. But at the end of the day, the origins still stand, and without the first electronic and industrial bands and artists from the 80’s we’d never be where we are today.” To the question: “What is your favourite style or period of electronic music?” Paul answers

“Although I’ll never forget the years 88-92, but the key is in the quality of the music. In every moment since the beginning there has been excellent music being produced. I enjoyed tremendously the trance period at the end of the 90’s with excellent sets from Man with no Name, Paul Oakenfold in his beginnings, Platipus, Quivver, …”

“The 2000’s for me meant the arrival of maturity and the split between styles reaching their peaks, with the Ibiza style techno-progressive flourishing with Tim Sheridan, Antonny Pappa and Dave Seaman at their best. But at the same time, the explosion of Electro, clearly influenced by, and mixed with, the initial techno and industrial sounds from the late 80’s. My favourite’s clearly being Vitalic, The Hacker and Miss Kittin and the great James Holden. How could that guy “get it” so young I will never know”

“The latest slower deep techno coming out of nothern Europe and obviously germany is again proving us that there is still a lot left to invent, even though simplicity is the key to most of the best mind boggling tunes out there”
Paul brings together all this knowledge in fine sets that combine the latest techno sounds with the best tunes from the past, connecting with the most demanding crowds, and bringing up deep and emotional memories for the most veteran clubbers out there.

Paul is currently playing in different venues mainly in Barcelona and has a monthly resident al Slow Club with a group named “The Shuttle” together with DJ Spy and Pitu

Dynamische (aka Sincriterio) es uno de esos djs que reivindican la selección musical por encima del formato en el que estén los discos en sí. Adora el vinilo y disfruta de él como el que más, pero lejos de limitarse con el plástico, encuentra en lo digital una forma de expresarse que va mucho más allá, pues le da la oportunidad de crear en el mismo momento en el que está pinchando. Educado en el techno pop de los 80, amante del techno clásico, el trance o el electro, Dynamische no tiene tampoco limitaciones en géneros sonoros, lo que le ha llevado a pasar por cabinas como las de Zentraus, Freedonia, La 2 del Apolo, Moog, One Reason to Dance… «No soy productor, porque no soy músico, sólo un enfermo más que un día salto al otro lado de la cabina», dice de sí mismo.