Tres Manos ( at Switch Bar

City: Barcelona
Promoter: Red Underground, Your Only Friend
Place: Switch Bar
Price: 0
Address: c/ Francisco Giner 24 Gracia, Barcelona

Line-up /
Tres Manos
Alright.. After a packed house and fun ass party the last time Tres Manos came down to Switch Bar to play there was no way we weren’t doing that again. So… Once again… The plan is to go pretty deep and mix it up with a bunch of weirdness and fun shit. Don’t expect the hits but do expect to cut some rug dancing and maybe bust a kidney drinkin’!

Still wondering what the hell are we on about? and Why the Hell should I go see this asshole instead of all the usual shit I see in town?

Well, in that case, here is the oh so very important hype for you non-believers…

Tres Manos, the label boss of Your Only Friend Recordings has been diggin’ deep in the crates for the last 20 years. In that time, he has been involved in almost every aspect of the dance music and nightclub industry. With various residencies and a fan base that doesn’t stop growing, he is a favorite in every city he plays. His exquisite selection of music has put him the DJ booths around the globe alongside many of the worlds best DJs. Originally from Washington D.C., Tres Manos began his musical career around 1992 in Denver. In 1998 he moved to Barcelona, Spain and has been playing a leading role in city’s Underground House scene ever since. As a producer, Tres has a sound that is very personal and in the moment. He does many of his own vocals and has produced for various esteemed labels such as Om records, Aesoteric, , Detour, Klassik Fiasco, and his very own, Your Only Friend Recordings… home to artists such as Rick Wade, Last Mood, and Lady Blacktronika.
He is awesome and you will love it.. especially after a few Gin and Tonics.

Still unsure.. well check this shit out.

and if you don’t like any of that crap.. well I don’t know what to tell you… this might not be the place for you tonight.
We can still kick it but we don’t know if we’ll still respect you in the morning. :)