Art Department anuncia su separación

Dany Moons

El Pasado 17 de Abril la agrupación de DJs/Productores Art Department conformada por Jonny White & Kenny Glasgow anunció a través de su cuenta oficial de Facebook su separación. A través del comunicado, el Canadiense Jonny White confirma que Kenny Glasgow se va del proyecto Art Department para así comenzar su carrera en solitario , la cual lanzará a través del sello de White No.19 Music. Art Department no se acabará, Jonny White tomará control de este trabajo y al mismo tiempo ratifica su apoyo incondicional a Glasgow en su nuevo proyecto.


Aquí el comunicado oficial

“After 5 years of working together on the Art Department project, traveling the world and producing music for so many wonderful labels together Kenny Glasgow will be leaving the group to pursue a solo career while Jonny White will continue on with the project.

We will still be working together on several new projects as we have plans to release Kenny’s solo album (which is nearly completed) on No.19 Music later this year. We’ll also be launching the Social Experiment record label together as partners this year – a non-profit imprint designed to help raise money to conserve wildlife in South Africa. It’s an issue very close to our hearts and an exciting new avenue for our friendship to bear new fruit.

We want to assure all of our fans that we will both continue to fully support each other in everything that we do, and that Kenny will remain an integral part of the music business that we have been working on and creating together for over a decade. We hope that you will continue to support us both as solo artists going forward as we really have you to thank for creating this platform for us to explore and evolve as artists — both together and as individuals.

Kenny & Jonny. x

Please join Kenny Glasgow’s new fan page and follow his social media for news about upcoming projects and shows here:


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