Cesar Merveille

Paris-born Cesar Merveille’s ascent through the ranks of European House and Techno has been powered by his irrepressible joie de vivre and by his burning desire to be challenged by everything he does: his formative years spent working with labels such as Circus Company and Safari Electronique, laying the groundwork for the artist we know today and enjoying the creative freedom these granted him, lead him to craft his unique production skills, always listening to his own instincts and keeping a healthy dose of soul in each endeavor he turns his hands to.

The time spent immersed in the London underground found Cesar holding down residencies for such fabled parties as Lo-Kee and the T-Bar, but it was his partnership with Cadenza that eventually propelled Cesar to the world stage, providing a platform for his musical creations to reach a broader audience. As an integral part of the Cadenza DJ roster, Cesar has commanded dancefloors big and small the world over, while his productions have added to the illustrious legacy of the label.

From his current base in Berlin, Cesar has embraced the natural workflow of hardware production, immersing himself in a studio powered by machines and intuition. His new imprint Roche Madame is a product of this situation, channeling the creative energy of a city teeming with musical allies to give rise to new collaborations and the chance to explore his own ideas.

Constantly feeding off his environment for inspiration, Cesar’s unbridled energy finds him operating both as a world-class DJ performing to thousands and as a boutique artist embracing invention whilst forever committed to his grounding principle of music as pleasure.



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